Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Just Pray

When you have problems whethers their: physical, emotional, spiritual, relationship, financial, or any other problem you can imagine, God cares about them all. There is no problem too big or too small for God. When it affects you, it effects Him. Prayer is very important in problem solving, but not the end all in this process. When a problem comes, first go to God and pray about it. Don't just pray once about it, but be persistent and continue to keep praying about it. If there are certain things which your doing that you shouldn't be, stop them immediately, because our disobedience (our blatant sins) are a hinderance to getting our prayers answered. You will never be sinless, however each of us have some major sins in our lives, that we're better off not doing it, especially when it comes too God answering our prayers. Once we get right with God and continue praying, we then need to hear the voice of God speaking to our hearts ( not in an audible voice) and then we need to do as we're told. Some problems can be resolved immediately, while others will take much longer. Though through persistence, patience, unyielding belief, obedience and reverence for God, He will hear and answer your prayers. Please keep in mind that God is under no obligation to answer your prayers exactly the way you ask Him. He is not a cosmic genie who's at your beckon call and does exactly as you command. God is the sovereign God of this universe, who is all powerful, all knowing, perfect and Holy. When He answers our prayers, He will do so His way and in His perfect timing. So we need to pray, get right with God (stopping our blatant disobedience), be patient and wait for God too speak to our hearts(not an audible voice) and then do what we're told. Please be careful not to go looking around for signs or listening to your own feelings, because signs aren't really there and our own feelings can and will lead us astray. When God is speaking to you, you will know it, especially when you know Him and know His word (the Bible). God can answer prayers various ways like through: us, others, situations or miraculously only as He can. Our prayers can be answered in less than 40 days or take more than 40 years, depending on our hearts, our minds, our attitudes and our sincerity. God knows when your just going through the motions and He will patiently wait until your ready, and not a minute sooner.

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